100,000 Applications in PowerClerk Interconnect and 500K in all PowerClerk products

The proliferation of distributed energy resource (DER) adoption, particularly solar, across the U.S. in recent years has led to a common pattern of records being set, for utilities, installers, and more.  Along those lines, last week marked an important achievement for Clean Power Research – the one hundred thousandth application was submitted for interconnection of … Continued

Decarbonizing transportation – Enter the electric utility superhero

A funny thing happened this year that hasn’t happened for a very long time. I am not talking about Leicester City winning the Premier League or the Cleveland Cavaliers knocking off the heavily favored Golden State Warriors. I am not even talking about the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team losing in the Olympics in the … Continued

Will utilities fully unlock the value that rate change offers?

The U.S. utility industry is on the precipice of a tremendous value creation opportunity. Emerging challenges such as increasing renewable generation, new regulatory pressures, the growing number of consumer energy products, and declining load are leading to evolution in rate design for mass-market customers (residential and small commercial customers). Innovative rate designs have the potential … Continued

PowerClerk as the DER interconnection control center

Modern utilities are collecting and storing more data about their customers and the grid than ever before. This data is captured for many different business purposes and is stored in a multitude of systems “owned” by separate utility organizations. These local or cloud-based systems include ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CIS (customer information system) software … Continued

Observational MET programs reduce uncertainty

This week, we’re pleased to present a post from GroundWork® Renewables’ CEO Ann Gaglioti. Measuring irradiance data in the field reduces the uncertainty of the energy production assessment and results in a measurable return on investment during project financing. In eight years of serving the solar development community, GroundWork® Renewables‘ observational MET program combines high quality equipment … Continued