Solar fleet modeling part 3: Balancing the variability of PV

Written by Ben Norris


In our previous two posts, we described how to incorporate PV diversity (diversity in both design configuration and geography) in fleet-level modeling, and how to generate high frequency fleet power data with 60-second temporal resolution. In this post, we will … Continued

Planning for solar part 2: High frequency data

Written by Morgan Putnam


Our previous post discussed how to produce solar PV production profiles for fleets of PV systems. In it we highlighted the importance of including both system diversity (tilt, orientation, shading, etc.), and geographical diversity (system locations and relative proximity) when … Continued

Planning for solar part 1: Solar fleet modeling

Written by Ben Norris


With the proliferation of grid-connected solar—whether from a few large, utility-scale systems, or from thousands of small, behind-the-meter systems—utilities are grappling with integration of these distributed, variable power generation resources. Over the next three blog posts, we will share some … Continued

New York State solar incentive programs consolidated into NY-Sun

Written by Scott Tewel


This month, under direction from the New York State Governor’s office, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and PSEG Long Island (now operating Long Island Power Authority’s electric system) merged their solar incentive programs under one … Continued