Powering Maps with the Distributed Generation System-of-record

Mapping is an indispensable tool for electric utilities to understand their distribution networks and related capacities to maintain power quality and reliability. The addition of new distributed generation, including rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, can present a challenge to utilities, particularly as the volume of interconnection requests and the resulting total capacity of installed systems … Continued

Two years of operating a Solar+ home: Does it work?

This article is a follow-on to Clean Power Research’s 11-part series on Solar+ homes series. Solar+ homes describes how homeowners can combine simple energy efficiency measures, solar PV, electric vehicles (EVs) and appliance electrification to create households that are fully powered by solar electricity—even in existing homes. A Solar+ home provides substantial economic and environmental savings … Continued

Producing perfect PV fleet forecasts – at what cost?

In our last blog, we talked about the performance of SolarAnywhere® v4 PV fleet forecasts, and discussed how accuracy was a function of the PV fleet’s geographic footprint. For instance, SolarAnywhere hour-ahead forecasts in the Western U.S. were shown to have a capacity-normalized mean absolute error (MAE) of 3.5% for a single power plant. However, the … Continued

Electric vehicles: Increasing the bottom line for consumers and utilities

There are currently 14 all-electric vehicles (EVs) on the market, and eight of the top-ten vehicle manufacturers now have a plug-in vehicle for the average consumer in their line-up. With all the news, there is no doubt that Tesla Model 3 reservations of more than 370,000 vehicles is a big deal, and that finally electric … Continued

Can ISOs rely on PV fleet forecasts?

PV fleet forecasts Solar forecasts are traditionally concerned with predicting the output of solar PV systems at particular locations. Consequently, much of what is known about solar forecast accuracy is centered on point validations. Fleet forecasts consider the aggregated output of all PV systems interconnected in a given region and affecting the regional power grid. Many … Continued