Quantifying day-ahead solar energy forecast uncertainty

Solar resource variability is an unavoidable natural characteristic that impacts solar power forecasting. However, its impact on forecast uncertainty can be reduced by providing information on predictive uncertainty, along with deterministic forecast values. Having this information can help utilities, independent power producers and grid operators minimize the risk associated with the decision making process for … Continued

Version control: Your bankable signpost in a digital world

If you own an iPhone, you’ve seen the familiar message “iOS 9.3.3 is available for your iPhone and is ready to install.” If you’re like me, you hit “Remind me later” a few dozen times before you actually install the update. Call me paranoid, but I always have to take a quick look online to … Continued

Southern California Edison’s journey to same-day interconnection

Winning Smart Electric Power Alliance’s top award for connecting the most solar in 2015—1,258 new MW of capacity—didn’t come without challenges for Southern California Edison. Adding that much capacity meant that the utility connected a new solar customer to the grid every nine minutes in 2015. That represents a tremendous volume of net energy metering … Continued

Powering maps with the distributed generation system-of-record

Mapping is an indispensable tool for electric utilities to understand their distribution networks and related capacities to maintain power quality and reliability. The addition of new distributed generation, including rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, can present a challenge to utilities, particularly as the volume of interconnection requests and the resulting total capacity of installed systems … Continued

Two years of operating a solar+ home: Does it work?

This article is a follow-on to Clean Power Research’s 11-part series on Solar+ homes series. Solar+ homes describes how homeowners can combine simple energy efficiency measures, solar PV, electric vehicles (EVs) and appliance electrification to create households that are fully powered by solar electricity—even in existing homes. A Solar+ home provides substantial economic and environmental … Continued