With the rapid expansion of distributed energy resources (DERs), utilities are offering new types of electric rate plans to their customers. These traditional and renewable rate plans give customers new options, but knowing which rate to choose can be confusing. When contemplating their choices, utility customers can be left with questions such as:

  • What is the best rate plan for me based on my current energy usage?
  • How can I save the most money on my bill?
  • Should I install solar or join a community solar program?
  • What about an electric vehicle?

Customer-centric utilities focused on delivering excellent customer service are looking for new ways to engage and educate their customers. Today, online, self-service tools are helping utility customers navigate the complexities of electric rate, renewable energy and electric vehicle options.

In this story, you’ll learn how Tucson Electric Power (TEP) is building a better customer experience using online tools from Clean Power Research. The benefits for TEP and their customers are numerous:

“By helping customers make wise energy choices and take advantage of off-peak hours, they’re not only saving money, but helping us manage peak demand and use our existing energy sources more efficiently.”

You can read all about TEP’s journey to customer excellence in an article published in RMEL’s Electric Energy magazine.