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Joint Use Attachments

Simplify joint use attachment applications and project management with industry leading workflow automation software.

Administrating joint use — or pole attachment — requests is complicated.

Sharing project visibility and keeping all stakeholders informed is difficult without a technology solution.

Our flexible software brings operational efficiencies to several joint use attachment processes, such as attacher requests and approvals, walk-out surveys, cost estimates, and make ready and pole replacements.

Electrical line poles

Joint Use Attachments strain legacy systems

Empower businesses and consumers to electrify their buildings
No single source of truth

Without a centralized system of record for joint use history, it is difficult to find information on pole attachments across disconnected internal and external tools.

Empower businesses and consumers to electrify their buildings
Manual effort

It takes manual, time-consuming work across disparate systems to enter data, validate, and administer the process to attach new equipment to poles.

Empower businesses and consumers to electrify their buildings
Inefficient stakeholder communications

Creating visibility and communicating with third party stakeholders and contractors is difficult without automating communications.

Empower businesses and consumers to electrify their buildings
OTMR is disruptive

One-Touch-Make-Ready (OMTR) policies are complicating legacy utility joint use processes, requiring utilities to re-think existing workflows making automation and cross-stakeholder communications even more critical.

Streamline and automate Joint Use Attachment Processes

  • Reduce manual data entry & processing: Leverage workflow automation to alleviate manual processes related to locating and inputting pole attachment information.
  • Streamline: Align data across systems to keep all stakeholders informed and improve operational efficiency.
  • Consolidate record-keeping: Automatically capture and create a traceable history of reliable pole attachment data.
  • Eliminate errors & ambiguity: Automatically validate data fields to avoid error-prone applications, reducing database errors associated with disparate, manual, data entry processes.

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