What is the Research Team’s Mission?

The Research Team supports Clean Power Research’s vision of a clean-powered planet by pioneering state-of-the-art, analytical methods. The Development Team implements the best of these methods into our enterprise-grade software. We believe that, while publications are good, software can have a greater impact: it is a megaphone that broadcasts research finds and empowers intelligent energy decisions.

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What does the Research Team do?

As our name Clean Power Research suggests, Research is an integral part of the company. Research Team members do not operate in a silo. Most of our projects are focused on improving and extending our software services. The results of our research are embedded throughout our website.

About the Research Team

  • We are integral to CPR; more than one out of every ten employees is on the Research Team.
  • Every team member is highly skilled with half of them having PhDs and several having world class reputations.
  • Team members support each other even though we work on diverse projects: every member presents their research quarterly.