Our vision is a clean-powered planet. Our mission is to power the worldwide energy transformation with trusted, adaptable and efficient software.

Software for a Clean-powered Planet

Empower businesses and consumers to electrify their buildings
Who We Are

Clean Power Research is a trusted partner of leading utility and energy enterprises. We are a team of talented, innovative, dedicated people passionate about clean energy and committed to transforming the global energy landscape using software for a clean-powered planet.

Empower businesses and consumers to electrify their buildings
What We Do

For more than 20 years, leading utility and energy enterprises have relied on Clean Power Research to successfully navigate the energy transformation. Our innovative solutions inform, streamline and quantify energy-related decisions and processes. We are best known for building and operating adaptable and efficient cloud software.

Our Software


Energy program digitization, automation and management

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Customer engagement and enrollment, and DER planning


Solar assessment, forecasting and performance management



We strive for honesty and integrity in everything we do


We approach problems and evaluate solutions with objectivity


We demand excellence and are always striving for improvement


We value team members’ ingenuity and commitment to innovation


We believe in the advantages of software-as-a-service to affordably bring powerful tools to the broadest audience.
We believe new techniques and algorithms must be applied to be real; they can’t languish in a paper or textbook.
We believe in creating innovative and elegant analytical approaches to simplify the complex.


Our History


Smiling man in a blue suit on a green background - Jeff Ressler
Founding the Company

Thomas Hoff, Ph.D., a Stanford graduate with a passion for renewable energy and photovoltaic (PV) economics, founds Clean Power Research as a research consultancy.


From Research to Software

A neighbor asks Tom, “What is the value of solar to me?” To answer, Tom develops Clean Power Estimator® (now WattPlan®), an online PV calculation tool that is rapidly adopted by utilities and PV manufacturers.


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PowerClerk® Launches

To alleviate the challenges of paper-based incentive application processes in the face of rapidly growing volumes, Clean Power Research launches PowerClerk. Designed specifically for utilities, PowerClerk automates and optimizes application workflows, reducing costs and processing time.


Smiling man in a blue suit on a green background - Jeff Ressler
Software Services Group Is Formed

PowerClerk’s success leads to the creation of the company’s Software Services Group and marks a new focus on delivering adaptable, scalable and secure cloud software solutions to the energy industry. Jeff Ressler, a 10-plus year veteran of Microsoft, joins the company to run the new team, and the Kirkland, Wash., office opens.


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SolarAnywhere® Launches

A partnership with the University at Albany (SUNY) and Dr. Richard Perez leads to the development of SolarAnywhere® Data, bankable irradiance data that is at the core of the current suite of solar data and intelligence offerings


New PV Variability Method

In a paper published in the ISES journal Solar Energy, Clean Power Research shows that the relative power output variability of distributed PV fleets can be quantified. This insight helps in the management of existing PV fleets or designing new ones.


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SolarAnywhere® FleetView® Launches

SolarAnywhere FleetView launches to address the need for utilities and ISOs to cost-effectively and reliably integrate distributed PV into the grid. This allows for higher PV penetration and reduces costs for utilities, ratepayers and PV system owners. A major step toward delivering software for a clean-powered planet is achieved.


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PowerClerk® Interconnect Launches

Funded by a U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative Incubator award, PowerClerk® Interconnect launches to help reduce solar soft costs by taking formerly paper-intensive interconnection processes online. The new PowerClerk platform provides utilities more control over their interconnection and DER program workflows to streamline processes for everyone involved.


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WattPlan® Released

WattPlan is developed to enable utilities to cost-effectively engage customers with highly-personalized answers to energy questions such as: “Is solar right for me?” WattPlan® incorporates newly available information such as interval data from smart meters and innovations like rate optimization to set a new standard for user-facing energy modeling tools.


20th Anniversary

Clean Power Research celebrates 20 years providing innovative, efficient and adaptable software solutions that are helping to solve the energy industry’s most challenging problems.


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Data Visualization in PowerClerk®

A new Dashboards feature for PowerClerk launches that enables program administrators to support program transparency with built-in reporting and data visualization capabilities—no export, programming or third-party tools required.


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More Accurate Solar Irradiance Data

SolarAnywhere® consistently derives more accurate solar irradiance data than ever before from GOES-17 satellites.
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Building on Core Technologies

SolarAnywhere® deploys numerous updates building on the same core technologies that have made SolarAnywhere the most trusted source for bankable solar resource data.
Version 3.5 Launch
SolarAnywhere Goes Global
SolarAnywhere Public Is Released


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PowerClerk® Serves Top Utilities

PowerClerk serves all Top 10 utilities and more than 60 utilities overall.
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Improving PV modeling

Clean Power Research launches SolarAnywhere® High-resolution solar data with True Dynamics™ to improve PV modeling.
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SolarAnywhere® Accuracy Verified

SolarAnywhere® accuracy is independently verified by The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, the largest solar research institute in Europe, with longstanding expertise in satellite-based solar irradiance retrieval and validation.
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