Report a Security Vulnerability

At Clean Power Research, the security of the services we provide to our customers is our utmost priority. Please view our SOC compliance page to learn more about how Clean Power Research protects your data. If you believe you have found a security vulnerability in one of our products, we strongly encourage you to report it directly to us as soon as possible. We will investigate all legitimate reports and work on a fix in a timely manner, based on the potential impact and severity of the issue.

We ask everyone reporting a security vulnerability to follow a responsible disclosure by giving us reasonable time to investigate and remediate the issue before sharing any of that information with others.

While we encourage the reporting to Clean Power Research of any security vulnerabilities found, it is expressly prohibited for anyone to take any action against our products that intentionally violates applicable laws or regulations, including probing our systems to discover security vulnerabilities, and any actions that may negatively impact Clean Power Research, our products or its users.

To report a security vulnerability to Clean Power Research, please email us at with your contact information and details about the vulnerability in order for us to validate and reproduce the issue.