Clean Power Research is honored to take a leading role in utility and energy agency digitalization initiatives

On behalf of the entire team at Clean Power Research, I wish our utility and energy agency customers a Happy New Year and thank you for a great 2023. We’re excited to have reached two new milestones in 2023: 14 of the top 15 largest utilities1 and 80+ utilities and energy agencies across the United States are now Clean Power Research customers. We’re honored to be an integral part of the utility industry’s focus on digitalizing complex business processes as part of the energy transformation.

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was a major catalyst for accelerating renewable projects in 2023 and the EIA predicts that renewable energy may contribute up to 44% of the US electricity generation by 2050. Though the increased adoption of renewable energy is positive, the burden of integrating 21st century renewable energy technologies into the current electric grid is profound and is one of the key challenges facing electric utilities and energy agencies.

While most utilities have made tremendous progress in their journeys around grid modernization and renewables integration, many seek to reduce project completion time, eliminate project backlogs, improve customer/stakeholder satisfaction and gain the ability to look into the future with grid resiliency in mind.

As we discussed in a recent blog, “Unlocking the power of digitalization: Transforming utility energy programs for success, forward-looking utilities are automating and digitalizing their workflows and processes to meet these challenges. By leveraging cloud solutions from Clean Power Research, utilities and agencies are: educating customers about modern rate options; assessing their service territories at a granular level for PV and electrification readiness; modeling DER adoption and performance; automating and streamlining complex processes; launching and tracking incentive programs; and improving both project transparency and regulatory reporting. Our software solutions have been integral to helping utilities across the U.S. digitalize their operational programs and processes, and adapt to changing business conditions across a wide range of programs, including:

  • DG Interconnection and Incentive Management
  • Utility-Scale / FERC Interconnection
  • Transportation Electrification
  • Rate Modeling and Comparison
  • Building Electrification
  • Service Requests
  • Energy Efficiency Programs
  • FERC 2222 Aggregation
  • … and more

Our vision since 1999 has been a “clean-powered planet.” With the support and partnership of our utility and energy agency customers, we are making progress toward that vision. The growing adoption of Clean Power Research’s software solutions across 14 of the Top 15 largest utilities and across more than 80+ utilities and energy agencies means we’re on the right path.

If you’d like to learn how Clean Power Research is helping our customers adapt to the clean energy transformation, please take a look at some of our most recent case studies, including:

Thank you again to all of our customers for a great 2023! We look forward to supporting you in 2024.

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