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Automate, streamline, and scale your distributed generation and FERC interconnection processes

Take control of your interconnection processes with software purpose-built for electric utilities. Our industry-leading end-to-end solution will modernize your interconnection processes.

Delight customers and stakeholders by reducing interconnection backlogs. Streamline repetitive tasks and workflows to save staff time and effort. Future-proof your program with software that easily adapts to changing needs.

Modernizing your interconnection program is a journey. Whether you are digitizing paper forms, standardizing your process, or automating it with integrations into other systems, our tools are here to grow with you.

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Navigate the challenges of interconnection management

Empower businesses and consumers to electrify their buildings
Interconnection application volume swamping utility staff

Volumes of residential and commercial solar interconnection requests are growing, and so are the number of stakeholder touchpoints, reporting requirements and process challenges. Validating and synchronizing data across internal systems and performing technical screenings are time-consuming tasks often handled by expensive resources.

Paper processes and disparate tools are simply not up to the demands of a modern, automated interconnection process.

Empower businesses and consumers to electrify their buildings
Daunting equipment proliferation

An increasing number of downstream processes and tools, such as load forecasting, hosting capacity analysis, and DERMS, rely on detailed behind-the-meter solar panel, battery, and inverter specifications.

Tracking and validating approved equipment are daunting and costly tasks.

Empower businesses and consumers to electrify their buildings
FERC generator interconnection volume and complexity on the rise

Utilities are struggling with a growing volume of FERC Generator applications. Complex processes cause delays. Ongoing reporting is time-intensive to create and update. Missed deadlines lead to costly fines.

Offline, disconnected processes and tools are costing utilities time and money.

Empower businesses and consumers to electrify their buildings
DER impact to grid planning & operations

An influx of DERs and Battery Energy Storage Systems can cloud utilities’ ability to predict gross and net grid loads, plan for the future and operate the grid accordingly.

Utilities need visibility into PV production and storage –near-term and long-term – but monitoring systems individually is cost-prohibitive.

Modernize your interconnection portal and workflows

  • Design Workflows: Easily visualize, configure, modify and test workflows, including automations that drive status changes and other actions.
  • Automate Communications: Keep applicants and stakeholders informed of key status changes and approaching deadlines via email or custom views.
  • Configure Forms: Create, modify and test web forms with drag-and-drop elements publishable on any webpage for a cohesive user experience.
  • Streamline Reporting: Visualize operational workflow data, schedule detailed reports, and connect this data with tools like Power BI and Excel.
  • Consolidate Tasks: Design templates that automatically generate documents, with built-in eSignature and ePayment capabilities.
  • Validate Data: Connect with other IT systems – CIS, GIS, and more – ensuring data consistency.
  • Manage Interconnection Data: Create and collect structured, uniform data for downstream processes, including load forecasting, grid planning, and operations.
  • Integrate with Other Tools: Form submissions get where they need to go without having to juggle multiple systems. Submit applications and reports to regulators and partners automatically.
Case Study

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative streamlines solar program

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative’s (REC) Energy Solutions and Clean Energy team struggled with high solar support call volumes and a labor-intensive interconnection process. To improve their residential and commercial solar programs, REC sought to automate customer education and reduce the amount of time spent on manual processes and reporting.

Streamline solar programs

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