In 2019, Clean Power Research reached a milestone when we reported that all Top 10 U.S. utilities relied on one or more of our products to support their energy transformation efforts. In 2021, we witnessed a step change by our utility customers as the tempo of the energy transformation increased. Not only did most of our utility customers expand adoption of Clean Power Research software services, we welcomed a number of new utility customers, including municipal, public and investor-owned utilities, and energy agencies. We also deepened our customer relationships with innovative online learning and offered more support and configuration resources to better serve our utility customers.

Wider adoption and expanded use cases

In 2021, we continued to serve all Top 10 utilities, most of which are now using at least two Clean Power Research solutions, which include: PowerClerk® for program and workflow automation; WattPlan® for digital customer engagement and EV program management; and SolarAnywhere® FleetView® for solar planning and forecasting.

Not only did many utilities adopt more than one service, several utilities are now using Clean Power Research products to automate a diverse array of programs across multiple departments, including:

  • Program management – Large-scale FERC interconnections and battery storage
  • Operations and asset management – Pole attachments and new service delivery (NSD)
  • Contracting and document management – Power purchase agreements and regulatory reporting
  • Customer engagement management – Incentives and digital self-service

Serving more utilities in their energy transformation

While many current utility customers expanded their reliance on Clean Power Research products, in 2021 we also grew our customer base to more than 65 utilities and energy agencies across the U.S. This includes large and mid-sized investor-owned and public utilities, as well as municipal and cooperative utilities. We also expanded engagement with other energy agencies, including community choice aggregators. We’re excited to have helped utilities process over 1.45 million applications across a wide variety of programs and processes.

Fortune's Top 10 U.S. Electric Utilities

Reflow™ 2021: The first Clean Power Research user conference

Another 2021 milestone was hosting the first annual Reflow PowerClerk user conference. Reflow 2021 allowed us to connect virtually with current and potential customers interested in learning more about implementing and optimizing PowerClerk programs. Some customers shared their experiences automating a wide range of programs, from simple EV rebates to more complex pole attachment and interconnection projects.

Thank you to all of our customers, partners and team members that participated in Reflow 2021, whether as an attendee or sharing how you’re innovating with PowerClerk. We’re gearing up for Reflow 2022 and invite you to save the dates for the May 2022 event.

2021 team growth

2021 was also a growth year for hiring more talented software engineers, scientists and passionate service professionals. We’re particularly excited to have built our Customer Success team, which in 2021 assisted on implementation for projects at many of our utility customers, optimizing their experience and shortening the time to stand-up their solutions.

While Clean Power Research products are designed to be configured by customers, our Customer Success team is ready to assist utilities desiring additional resources to implement and tune their programs and integrations.

Looking ahead

Looking forward to 2022, we’re excited to continue supporting our customers in their energy transformation, unlocking new opportunities and hosting Reflow 2022. Contact us to learn how we can help you reach your workflow automation, customer engagement and operational analytics goals in 2022.