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Demystify your customer’s energy decisions using WattPlan®, the digital energy expert for utilities

Consumers are faced with a growing number of energy choices, from distributed energy resources (DERs) such as solar, batteries and electric vehicles (EVs), to utility offerings including time-of-use rates, community solar and green power programs. Utilities are challenged to increase program participation and drive off-peak usage, while protecting customers and boosting satisfaction by helping them make smart decisions.

WattPlan® is the utility industry’s only cloud-based software for automating customer education in EV, renewable and rate programs.

  • Boost Customer Satisfaction
    Be the go-to source for energy advice with digital tools that deliver objective information
  • Lower Customer Service Costs
    Reduce call volumes by empowering self-service customer education
  • Reach Program Goals
    Drive program awareness and enroll customers seamlessly using PowerClerk® workflow automation
  • Gain Customer Insight
    Develop targeted marketing strategies and inform planning with insights into customer intentions
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Personalized Experience

Focus on customer-specific information and preferences

  • Rate Optimization
    Suggest the electric rate plan that will save your customers the most money and drive off-peak usage
  • Side-by-Side Comparisons
    Inform customers by showing easy-to-understand rate, technology, program and financing options
  • Stepwise Experience
    Empower customers to intuitively tailor assumptions to their lifestyle and preferences
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Trusted Calculations

Depend on proven financial and energy models

  • Bills
    Offer accurate bill calculations based on published tariffs and integrated interval meter data
  • Datasets
    Rely on detailed rate, incentive, vehicle, solar and emissions data
  • Energy Calculations
    Ensure reliable expectations with sophisticated energy simulations such as rooftop PV and total-cost-of-ownership calculations
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Actionable Guidance & Insights

Guide your customers and gain an understanding of customer intent

  • Instant Enrollment
    Enable one-click enrollment using PowerClerk® workflow automation
  • Marketplace Connect
    Provide an actionable next step to connect with qualified contractors and dealerships 
  • In-app Surveys
    Measure customer satisfaction and inform marketing strategies with key customer insights

Comprehensive suite of customer education software

WattPlan supports the following core services: Renewables, EVs and Charging, and Rate Plans. Utilities can select services that meet today’s needs and add more services over time.

WattPlan solar options

  • Educate customers and drive renewable energy program participation
  • Show expected bill impacts and rate plan options, and set objective long-term savings expectations
  • Right-size distributed PV and battery systems to meet customer needs



  • Build EV awareness
  • Encourage off-peak charging
  • Promote incentive programs
  • Show electric vehicle range, and charger options and locations

WattPlan rate plans

  • Encourage off-peak usage with time-of-use rate plans
  • Demonstrate rate switching savings potential with personalized rate comparisons
  • Ensure informed customers with detailed calculations using recent energy usage data

Providing solutions directly from our website makes it easier for customers to explore their options, understand costs and make informed decisions.

Patrick McCoy
Strategic Business Planner, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)

What really impressed us was our ability to get the tool deployed quickly—in just a few months—and with an interface that guides the customer in a friendly way.

Ted Burhans
Director of Emerging Technologies & Innovation, Tucson Electric Power

Utilities & Energy Agencies

Over 80 utilities & energy agencies (including 14 of the Top 15) use one or more Clean Power Research products
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