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Leverage 10 years of incentive administration expertise to stretch program dollars.

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Putting utilities in control of solar and distributed generation interconnection

Slash solar soft costs with self-service tools, powerful automation and accessible data.

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Utility Program Managers Take Control:

Design and evolve your program on your schedule

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Visualize Workflows

With PowerClerk, administrators easily configure and modify their own workflows. Create multiple paths within a single program (i.e., FastTrack and Standard), and test changes prior to committing them to the live program.

Automate Communications

Automate Communications

Keep applicants informed of project status with automatically-generated email communications. Create custom templates and configure to send at specific status updates or other project milestones.

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Configure Custom Forms

Administrators use simple drag and drop features to create and modify forms. Develop multiple forms per program, and build-in conditional visibility to reduce errors and save time.

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Eliminate Paper

Create templates that automatically generate documents (i.e., agreements) based on application-specific information. Route approved documents for secure eSignatures.

Calculate Incentives

Design incentive calculations including rebates, EPBBs, PBIs, flat incentives and more. Determine when incentives are available and for whom, completely self-service.

Learn how you can meet the challenges of higher interconnection volumes

Streamlining interconnection helps utilities handle higher volumes—and better manage distributed solar resources over the long-term.

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Build an Automated, End-to-End DER Interconnection Workflow:

Speed Up Interconnection and Improve Distribution Planning by Leveraging Existing Software Systems

With PowerClerk as the application processing hub, utilities can process applications faster, even when engineering analysis is required.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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    For the past five years, PowerClerk has made it easier for customers and contractors to apply for Energy Trust incentives. We are pleased to have worked with Robert DelMar and the Oregon Department of Energy in adding state tax credits to the list.

    " ∼ Jennifer Hall, solar project manager, Energy Trust of Oregon
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    There was real logic to PowerClerk’s processes and language. By adding that into what we already knew, we made our program even better.

    " ∼ John Hargrove, program manager, NV Energy
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