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Take control of utility programs and processes with PowerClerk’s powerful workflow automation feature

PowerClerk enables electric utilities to leverage a provensafe and secure DER workflow and automation software service that is easy to configure, and delivers integration and workflow transparency. PowerClerk has processed 2 million + DER interconnection and incentive applications across more than 100 DER programs.


Electric utility administrators can easily configure and modify their own workflows. Create multiple paths within a single program (i.e. FastTrack and Standard), and test changes prior to committing them to the live program.

Keep applicants informed of project status with automatically-generated email communications. Create custom templates and configure to send at specific status updates or other project milestones.

Automate Communications


Administrators use simple drag and drop features to create and modify forms. Develop multiple forms per program, and build-in conditional visibility to reduce errors and save time.

Configure Forms screenshot


VersaForms™ allows administrators to use PowerClerk forms on any webpage—no PowerClerk account registration required. With VersaForms, utilities can simplify enrollment, increase conversion and better manage workflows—all from a single platform. Create surveys, web forms and more with VersaForms.

PowerClerk VersaForms

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Create templates that automatically generate documents (i.e., agreements) based on application-specific information. Route approved documents for secure eSignatures.

Eliminate Paper Screenshot

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Design incentive calculations including rebates, EPBBs, PBIs, flat incentives and more. Determine when incentives are available and for whom, completely self-service.

PowerClerk edit incentive design

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PowerClerk Dashboards make day-to-day work more efficient by helping communicate key elements of a DER program in easy to create visual reports within PowerClerk – no export or third party tools required.

Visual reporting


PowerClerk is so versatile, we’ve used it to build our own Learning Management System allowing you to explore a variety of PowerClerk use case scenarios. Discover why all top 10 U.S. utilities use Clean Power Research SaaS solutions to streamline their business processes.

Fill out the form below to take PowerClerk’s Basics 101 learning track and discover PowerClerk’s proven tools and functionalities to boost use case scenarios beyond Solar and EV adoption:


Leading electric utilities choose Clean Power Research
Leading electric utilities choose Clean Power Research

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Reduce uncertainty with higher-resolution typical year solar resource data
Reduce uncertainty with higher-resolution typical year solar resource data

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