Solar for All Program Automation with PowerClerk®

Quickly deploy and streamline your Solar for All programs with flexible, scalable workflow automation software

PowerClerk and Solar for All

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Solar for All initiative aims to dramatically expand the benefits of solar to traditionally underserved groups. Clean Power Research has teamed with the non-profit Center for Sustainable Energy® to assist Solar for All awardees that need program design and operations assistance in addition to an online platform.

PowerClerk is the ideal solution for agencies running Solar for All programs in-house or outsourcing design and operations to a third-party.

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Why PowerClerk?

PowerClerk evolution: from solar incentives to DERs and beyond

PowerClerk has processed rebate and incentive applications since 2006, beginning with state-level programs in New York, California, Pennsylvania and beyond. Today, PowerClerk is used by more than 65 utilities and agencies across two countries and has processed more solar rebate applications than any other online system.

PowerClerk’s evolution into a feature-rich, general-purpose cloud software platform for energy program automation has made it the preferred solution for utilities and agencies around the U.S. These organizations handle a range of programs in PowerClerk, including home efficiency and electrification rebates, DER interconnection, new and upgraded electric service, and more. PowerClerk reliably scales from large programs with thousands of applications in the largest states and at the largest IOUs, to small programs such as those offered by co-ops.

Support for in-house and outsourced programs

PowerClerk is generally used by state or municipal agencies in one of two ways:

  • Programs managed in-house – PowerClerk’s “no-code” environment, extensive learning resources (including a certification program), and configuration and support services from Clean Power Research make it an ideal platform for organizations that want to develop and manage programs in-house. Many agencies automate multiple program types with PowerClerk.
  • Outsourced programs – Most of the top energy program implementers and operators in the U.S., including Center for Sustainable Energy, are familiar with and use PowerClerk for various rebate and incentive programs.
Video: PowerClerk for Incentive and Rebate Programs

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • How PowerClerk can be configured to handle a variety of DER and energy rebate programs
  • How to set up rebate programs in PowerClerk with best practices
  • How a range of incentive types can be calculated

Streamline Solar for All fund programs with PowerClerk workflow automation

Take advantage of PowerClerk to efficiently and fairly disburse Solar for All funds. As a secure, intuitive, online application portal, PowerClerk supports:

  • A variety of program types
  • A range of qualification requirements
  • Flexible management of incentive calculations
  • Role-based access controls
  • Application tracking with built-in auditability
  • Construction milestone tracking
  • Automatic notifications
  • High application volumes
  • Rich, automated reporting
  • Transparency regarding available funding pool levels
  • CEC-approved solar equipment lists
A fit for Solar for All

PowerClerk’s proven track record with residential, community and multi-family solar programs, including those with income qualification requirements, makes it ideal for Solar for All programs. Today, PowerClerk is used for the largest solar rebate program in the U.S., a multifamily solar rebate program in California. Installers, contractors and other trade allies around the country are familiar with PowerClerk from the range of PV, EV, energy efficiency and other programs it already operates.

PowerClerk is the workflow automation solution of choice for state agencies that plan to design and run their Solar for All programs in-house or work with a third-party expert such as Center for Sustainable Energy.

If you’re interested in using PowerClerk, reach out to the Solar for All team at Clean Power Research by sending an email to, or filling out our Contacts Us form.

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Solar for All with Center for Sustainable Energy and PowerClerk

Learn how Center for Sustainable Energy and Clean Power Research have teamed to support Solar for All awardees that need program design and operations assistance in addition to an online platform.

This team offers a best-in-class approach when a comprehensive, outsourced Solar for All solution is required.

Hear what program administrators say about PowerClerk


Orange & Rockland has the best-in-class EVSE Incentive portal as identified by top developers in New York State—resulting in more projects in our territory—and that’s because of PowerClerk.

Andrew Farrell
Head of E-Mobility, Orange & Rockland

 PowerClerk is flexible to our evolving needs and enables us to make changes without burdening the IT team.

Sam Molina
Renewable Energy Program Coordinator, Tucson Electric Power

 I know I can reach out to Clean Power Research if I’m feeling uncertain and confirm if I’m using the best practice or approach.

Jennifer Starrh
Product Services Coordinator, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)

 PowerClerk is designed with solar installers and utility processes in mind. Whenever we work in a new market, we hope the utility is using PowerClerk because it makes our lives so much easier.

Tia Cline
Utility Specialist Team Lead, Palmetto (Solar Company)

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