Resolving Conflict Distribution Planning Interconnection

Resolving the Conflict Between Distribution Planning and Interconnection Processes

As adoption of DERs increases, utility distribution planning departments are juggling more projects, each with the need for deeper, more complex analysis. At the same time, consumers, project developers and regulators expect faster turnaround and greater status transparency on interconnection applications.

Now it’s possible to develop end-to-end DER interconnection workflows that leverage existing customer information systems, geographic information systems and distribution planning applications using PowerClerk® as the application processing hub.

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SUNY satellite to solar

SUNY Satellite-to-Solar Irradiance Model Improvements

The recently launched SolarAnywhere v3.2 model gives users access to our most bankable, accurate and readily available solar irradiance and weather dataset.

This paper provides an evaluation of SolarAnywhere v3.x accuracy and the associated measurement of uncertainty, and can be included in bankable project portfolios as documentation around solar resource risk. Overall findings support the following uncertainty metrics:

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How misuse of solar datasets

How Misuse of Solar Resource Datasets is Reducing Solar Industry Profits

Accurately predicting solar PV system performance is critical for the solar industry, where small margins of error can have significant financial impacts.

This whitepaper explains the differences between NREL TMY3 and SolarAnywhere® TGY datasets, and how returns can be maximized by using the correct solar resource data for quoting, performance guarantees and site evaluation—all applications that require precise performance modeling.

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Behind the meter intelligence

Behind-the-Meter Intelligence for Distributed PV Grid Integration

As energy generation from distributed PV increases, utilities and ISOs are working to quantify the impact of high penetration PV to grid reliability.

This whitepaper outlines the challenges utilities face integrating high penetration PV, and describes SolarAnywhere® software services that are enabling grid operators to better calculate the full economic and operational impact of PV without requiring extensive investments in grid infrastructure.

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