New solution addresses key DER information gaps and equips utility planners with the information needed to gain critical DER insights for distribution system planning

Napa, CA. January 31, 2023.

Clean Power Research® and Integral Analytics, a Willdan company, today announced a partnership that helps electric utilities have greater visibility into the impact of DERs on their load forecasts. The partnership uses cost-effective, flexible, and scalable cloud-based solutions to deliver innovative DER insights that model customer end-use adoption propensity and unmask gross load curves.

The partnership is comprised of two complementary solutions: (1) Clean Power Research’s PowerClerk® Analytics, which provides powerful modeling based on utility DER data that fills data blind spots at the grid edge; and (2) Integral Analytics’ LoadSEER™, which addresses key DER information gaps and equips planners with the information needed to optimize distribution network investments. The combined use of these solutions provides utility planners with visibility into circuit-level gross and net load shapes, which account for interconnected and queued PV systems, as well as future PV adoption scenarios.

“Our solutions are available to electric utilities at a crucial time,” stated Jeff Ressler, CEO of Clean Power Research. “The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is accelerating the already profound changes that DERs are having on the grid. Deeper DER insights are key to the continued success of utility operations, and our partnership with Integral Analytics will help utilities gain those insights and forecast DER adoption.”

Utilities can benefit from this partnership by:

  • Gaining visibility into gross and net load shapes through satellite-derived solar resource data and PV system specifications
  • Filling data gaps by inferring PV system specifications from net load data
  • Generating a range of likely DER adoption and resulting load shape scenarios
  • Anticipating future grid infrastructure investments, including non-wires alternatives

“The combined solution of PowerClerk Analytics and LoadSEER delivers unique value by providing planners with deep insight into the impact of DERs on the grid,” stated Scott Smith, President of Integral Analytics. “We can help utilities anticipate and adapt to the new dynamics of DER proliferation while also anticipating essential grid infrastructure investments.”

Utilities that are interested in learning more about the PowerClerk Analytics and LoadSEER combined solution can contact Clean Power Research or Integral Analytics, or visit the companies at the DISTRIBUTECH International® conference in San Diego, February 7-9, 2023.

Integral Analytics, a Willdan Company, provides rapidly deployable, scalable software platforms that enable utilities to better adapt to the Distributed Energy Resource (DER) age. Its products enable utilities to plan, predict, optimize, and control their infrastructure upgrades. DISTRIBUTECH booth #2043.

Clean Power Research, L.L.C. provides the trusted enterprise software platform for utilities and energy agencies seeking to digitize and automate their processes to become more efficient in their operations and interactions with customers and trade allies. For over 20 years, Clean Power Research has provided scalable, adaptable platforms that put utility and agency administrative staff in control. DISTRIBUTECH booth #1941.