Go online and take control of your application processes

PowerClerk® streamlines the management of distributed generation and energy efficiency programs with automated, online application processing. The flexible platform provides program administrators with an unprecedented level of control over their programs without the need for IT involvement.

With built-in tracking, automated calculations, communication tools, document generation and electronic signatures, PowerClerk increases the efficiency and productivity of administrators and applicants, while reducing or eliminating paper. PowerClerk also makes it easy to unlock the value of application data for reporting, planning and operations with a comprehensive set of reporting features and a standards-based API.

As a hosted web application, PowerClerk offers fast set-up and the full support of Clean Power Research engineers and technical staff. Administrators and applicants have around-the-clock access without burdening IT departments. Enterprise automation is enabled through the PowerClerk API for integration with utility- and energy agency-specific applications like ERP, customer information systems, finance tools and other IT-managed systems.

Join the community of PowerClerk organizations who have processed more than 230,000 applications representing more than 4.4 GW of capacity.

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