Energy Valuation

Energy Valuation

Clean Power Research pioneered many of the methods currently used to quantify the value of distributed PV generation from the perspective of utilities and PV system owners. The company’s energy valuation research examines a range of topics such as the value of solar power generation in the U.S., capturing capacity-related benefits of variable energy resources, and the use of distributed generation to reduce transmission and distribution costs.
Solar+ Homes: If an Integrated Approach Works in a Retrofit Application, New Homes Will Be Even Better

This presentation demonstrates the effectiveness of an integrated approach to electrification of existing and new...

Value of Solar+Storage in Guam

This report presents the results of a distributed-solar valuation performed for the island of Guam. The study used...

Montana Solar Market Assessment

As part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative, the Montana Energy Office (MEO) of the Montana...

New DER Planning Software from Clean Power Research and SMUD Enables Utilities to Predict Bottom-Line Impacts in a DER World

 Product will benefit utilities of all sizes Sacramento, Calif., Jan. 17, 2018—Clean Power Research® and SMUD today...

Solar Energy Forecast Validation for Extended Areas & Economic Impact of Forecast Accuracy

This article evaluates the accuracy of solar forecast models, including SolarAnywhere®, as a function of geographic...

WattPlan® Revealing Savings of Electric Vehicles and Solar in California, New York, Arizona

Online software has already provided 10,000 residential customers with instant, personalized estimates to determine...

Maine Distributed Solar Valuation Study

In support of the Maine Public Utilities Commission's work in 2014-15 to determine the value of distributed solar...

Valuation of Solar + Storage in Hawaii: Methodology

Clean Power Research was engaged by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Inc. (IREC) to develop a methodology that...

New WattPlan® Software by Clean Power Research Sets Standard for Utilities to Deliver Highly Personalized Answers to Energy Questions

Early adopters are cost-effectively engaging customers about solar options with WattPlan®’s interactive, online...

Clean Power Research Helps Reduce Solar Interconnection Soft Costs by Turning Paper into Bytes

New software, funded by a SunShot Incubator award, takes solar interconnection online to streamline application...

Minnesota Value of Solar: Methodology

The Value of Solar methodology developed on behalf of the Minnesota Department of Commerce, and approved by the...

2014 Value of Solar at Austin Energy

This report and presentation summarizes a Value of Solar® study conducted for Austin Energy in the fall of 2013....

Clean Power Research Takes on Solar Soft Costs and PV Fleet Integration with $1.5 million in SunShot Initiative Awards

New software services will help utilities cost-effectively manage interconnection, better engage solar customers, and...

The Value of Distributed Solar Electric Generation to San Antonio

This Value of Solar® study was prepared for Solar San Antonio under a Department of Energy SunShot Initiative grant....

The Value of Distributed Solar Electric Generation to New Jersey and Pennsylvania

This Value of Solar® study was prepared for the Mid-Atlantic Solar Energy Industries Association (MSEIA) and the...

Solar Power Generation in the US: Too Expensive or a Bargain?

This article identifies the combined value that solar electric power plants deliver to utilities’ rate payers and...

Designing Austin Energy’s Solar Tariff Using a Distributed PV Calculator

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Valuing a Portfolio of PV Investments

This presentation describes the importance of PV output variability as a factor in calculating the value of a fleet of...

Quantifying the Cost of High Photovoltaic Penetration

Calculating the cost of energy storage to provide firm capacity on a power grid with high PV penetration. Download PDF...

The CA Net Energy Metering Report: Approach, Results & Implications

The steps required to compute the costs and benefits of electric rates that use net energy metering. Download PDF...

Solar Sustained Vehicles: A Consumer’s Solution to Protection in an Age of Oil Dependence, Economic Uncertainty, & Global Warming

A consumer’s view of the fuel saving benefits of Solar Sustained Vehicles. Download PDF >>>

The Value of Distributed Photovoltaics to Austin Energy & the City of Austin

Quantifies the comprehensive value of distributed PV to Austin Energy. Download PDF >>>

Maximizing the Value of Customer-Sited PV Systems Using Storage & Controls

Enhancing the load management and outage protection attributes of PV to increase the value of customer-sited PV...

Are Photovoltaic Systems Worth More to Residential Consumers on Net Metered Time-of-Use Rates?

Examination of the value of PV to residential customers under Time-of-Use rates. Download PDF >>>

Distributed Photovoltaics in New Jersey

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A Simple Method for Consumers to Address Uncertainty When Purchasing Photovoltaics

Should consumers invest in PV now, or wait? Download PDF >>>

Maximizing PV peak shaving with solar load control: validation of a web-based economic evaluation tool

Calculating the value of solar load control for commercial applications using Clean Power Estimator. Download PDF...

Tax Revenue Protection Through Outage Risk Mitigation: The Value of Distributed PV to The Federal Government

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Reduce, Reuse, Renew: One Possible Approach to Cut Carbon Emissions

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The Potential Market for Photovoltaics & Other Distributed Resources in Rural Electric Cooperatives

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Clean Distributed Resources in the U.S. Residential Market

Examines how PV combined with energy efficiency and cogeneration fuel cells can satisfy the energy needs of the U.S....

A Micro-Grid with PV, Fuel Cells and Energy Efficiency

This article provides an evaluation of the economic potential of a micro-grid composed of PV, fuel cells and energy...

Using Distributed Resources to Manage Risks Caused by Demand Uncertainty

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Distributed Generation & Micro-Grids

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Credit Ratings & Photovoltaic Investments

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Investments Under Uncertainty: State Prices in Incomplete Markets

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Integrating Renewable Energy Technologies in the Electric Supply Industry: A Risk Management Approach

Identifies the renewable energy technology risks to utilities, and how to mitigate those risks Download PDF...

Managing Risk Using Renewable Energy Technologies

Explains how owning renewable energy technologies can mitigate risk faced by the electric utility industry Download...

Identifying Distributed Generation & Demand Side Management Investment Opportunities

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The Value of Grid-Support Photovoltaics In Reducing Distribution System Losses

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