This post explains how to extract maximum value from PowerClerk® in “work from home” situations and outlines a new offer for utilities and energy agencies to use PowerClerk at no cost on COVID-19-related programs.

Working from home with no compromises

With the broad acceptance—and sometimes necessity—of working from home, Clean Power Research wants to share some useful tips for leveraging PowerClerk to increase remote work productivity. Our PowerClerk customers have already taken a big step forward by automating their DER application processes. In most cases, our customers have eliminated the exchange of paper documents and minimized in-person meetings with installers and developers. As a result, they’re keeping programs moving forward whether in the office or working remotely.

As one of our utility customers looking to expand PowerClerk beyond DER programs said, “a digital rebate processing tool would come in handy right now at a time I can’t get to physical mail coming to the office…”

Here are some tips on how to leverage PowerClerk to optimize your workflows when working from home, in the field or other remote work situations:

  • Take the entire process online—from form submission, to signature collection and electronic payments: Eliminate the need for cumbersome paper and mailing with an online application process that can include electronic signatures and electronic payments. Native PowerClerk integrations with DocuSign and Stripe make it easy to collect customer and installer signatures online and process credit card payments to keep your workflows moving—no matter where you or your applicants are working.
  • Quickly set-up new forms and workflows to respond to changing circumstances: With PowerClerk’s new VersaForms feature, it’s possible for customers to submit information or enroll in a program without registering for a PowerClerk account. Using VersaForms, you can quickly create PowerClerk programs that simplify enrollment and better manage workflows for a wide variety of customer-facing programs. Need to conduct a survey? Or allow customers to sign-up for a relief program? VersaForms can help. To see it in action, watch this video.
  • Access your PowerClerk programs from any device: Responsive View optimizes program access from any device (desktop, tablet, mobile). Whether in the workplace, field or home-office, you’ll be able to efficiently set-up and administer your programs. This adaptive experience also supports straightforward enrollment programs such as EV charger or energy efficiency rebates that a homeowner would want to apply for from their phone or tablet.
  • Streamline reporting, anytime, anywhere: PowerClerk’s Dashboards enable administrators to set up and manage any number of reports to keep your team focused and aligned, even when working remotely. Quickly create and share graphs displaying key information from your programs without ever leaving PowerClerk. Up-to-date information makes it possible to see emerging trends and identify bottlenecks so you can quickly respond to changing circumstances.
  • Stay secure at the office, at home and on the go: Data and communications in PowerClerk are encrypted. This means that all information is handled securely in transit and “at rest.” PowerClerk is also web-hosted, so information can be entered by any user (applicant, administrator or via web hook from utility internal system) from any location (inside the utility network or at home)—and it will be treated with the same level of security.

Working for utilities and their customers

We recognize that many customers of utilities and energy agencies may be struggling under factors related to the COVID-19 pandemic beyond the obvious and paramount health impacts. Few elements of modern civilization are as fundamental as safe, reliable electric service. To maintain this service, your customers may look to you to help them with new challenges such as paying their bills or switching rates (e.g., to a medical rate).

To support meeting these urgent needs, Clean Power Research is extending an offer to utilities and energy agencies* for use of PowerClerk at no additional cost on COVID-19 related programs such as:

Enrollment in bill assistance, payment extension, flex payment and similar programs

  • Enrollment in new rates
  • Workforce or trade ally training program enrollment
  • Surveys related to energy plans or customer status over the next year

This offer applies both to new programs and existing programs that would be moved to PowerClerk in lieu of another platform or as part of a digitization effort. The core of the offer includes:

  • One year of PowerClerk service (i.e., no-cost subscription for program types above)
  • No setup fees
  • No per application/project fees (other than nominal eSignature or ePayment pass through costs if the program requires those features)

Feel free to pass this along to other program groups or to your customer care and/or IT teams. Because PowerClerk supports the rapid setup and deployment of programs, our team can get your staff up and running in a new program very quickly, generally in the same business day.

Clean Power Research truly wishes our utility and agency partners, and their customers, the best during this difficult time. We appreciate all you’re doing to keep the lights on.

Watch VersaForms in action

* New customers without an active Service Agreement with Clean Power Research are invited to take advantage of this offer. Some restrictions may apply. Contact Us to learn more.