Clean Power Estimator

29 million answers to the question “What can solar do for me?”

Written by Brian Boler

CPE 29M Chart_thumb

The calculations to determine whether or not solar is a good investment are not simple—unless you’re using the Clean Power Estimator® solar calculator. Since we started counting 10 years ago, Clean Power Estimator has performed more than 29 million solar savings … Continued

PV Power Maps: visualizing monthly production

Written by Adam Kankiewicz

Hurricane Sandy

For more than a year, we’ve been supplying Solar Today Magazine with monthly ‘PV Power Maps’ for its regular column. Not only are these maps gorgeous to look at, but they provide very interesting insight into how solar resources in the U.S. … Continued

Top trends to watch in 2013: solar soft cost reduction

Written by Mark Liffmann

PV Soft Cost Decline

Over the next few weeks, we’ll share our views of the top three trends to watch for in the U.S. solar market (focusing on the PV market; apologies to the solar thermal folks reading). This week, we look at the … Continued

3 steps to reducing solar customer acquisition costs

Written by Brian Boler


In anticipation of the soon-to-be released NREL report that benchmarks solar soft costs in 2010, plenty of media attention is being given to soft-cost reduction strategies. According to NREL’s data, customer acquisition and system design make up 11 percent of … Continued