The calculations to determine whether or not solar is a good investment are not simple—unless you’re using the Clean Power Estimator® solar calculator. Since we started counting 10 years ago, Clean Power Estimator has performed more than 29 million solar savings estimates, growing in tandem with the rise of distributed solar in the U.S.

CPE 29M Chart

Since 1998, Clean Power Research has been trusted to help homeowners and businesses understand whether solar would be a smart choice for them with just a few simple inputs, such as zip code and bill amount. With that information, Clean Power Estimator pulls solar resource, electric rate and available incentive information from our proprietary databases to generate a personalized savings estimate.

CPE Solar Calculator

While Clean Power Estimator is the engine that drives most of the solar calculators you’ll find on energy agency, utility and solar installer websites, today most usage is through the application programming interface (API). Many of the nation’s largest solar leasing companies and installers use the Clean Power Estimator API to quickly to generate precise, detailed savings estimates that factor in solar system size, orientation and shading, equipment ratings, load profiles, etc.

Chances are great that if you’ve ever considered installing solar on your home or business, Clean Power Estimator has performed some of the calculations and analysis along the way.

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