On-Demand Webinars

On-Demand Webinars

How to Reduce Solar O&M Costs and Maximize Profitability with Efficient Benchmarking

Join Clean Power Research for a 30-minute webinar with Q&A to learn how reliable performance benchmarking enables solar asset managers to make better, more informed O&M decisions.

Quantifying Gains in Solar Project Value from Quality Satellite and Ground Data

The U.S. solar industry grew dramatically in 2016, with total new utility and commercial installations reaching nearly...

Engineering the Pain out of Interconnection: Tucson Electric Power’s Story

With solar growth continuing strong—29% during the first half of 2016 according to GTM Research—utility...

Electric Rate Plans: 4 Scenarios that Demand Personalized Customer Advice
Assigning Uncertainty to a Solar Resource Assessment with Less than a Year of Ground Data
Interconnection Best Practices: How Southern California Edison Achieved 3-day Approvals
Electric Vehicles: Increasing the Bottom Line for Consumers & Utilities with Salt River Project


Reduce uncertainty with higher-resolution typical year solar resource data
Reduce uncertainty with higher-resolution typical year solar resource data

Typical year irradiance datasets (TGY, TDY) summarize solar resource at a location. This data is generated to reflect the most probable (P50) monthly total irradiance, based on a long history of solar resource. SolarAnywhere calculates typical year data from a maximum span of time-series observations for each region—more than twenty-five years in many areas. Our […]

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