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Leverage PowerClerk data for DER planning and analysis

PowerClerk® Analytics expands utility operations and planning visibility of DERs to the grid edge.

Growing amounts of DERs on the distribution grid are causing concerns about maintaining reliability for grid operators and managing uncertainty for planners. PowerClerk Analytics helps utilities connect the dots between accurate DER data and proven engineering and planning tools.

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Engineering Efficiency

Seamlessly connect engineering teams with up-to-date DER data and future adoption scenarios so they can focus on analysis.

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Improve Planning Decisions

Unmask customer load from distributed solar production to increase trust in load forecasts.

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Satisfy Key Customers

Automate interconnection application technical screening and hosting capacity analysis to reduce interconnection wait times.

Align internal stakeholders around DER Planning and Forecasting

Distribution & Resource Planning
Load Forecasting
DER Adoption Scenarios
PV Production Simulation
DER Adoption Potential
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Detailed DER System Specs
System Operations (DERMS, ADMS, EMS)
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System Operations
  • Improve operational decision-making with short-term PV production forecasts
  • Check performance of existing PV systems against accurate expected production data to spot issues early
  • Ensure data consistency between systems with reliable web adapters and APIs
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Load Forecasting
  • Establish a baseline of true load growth, without behind-the-meter PV production
  • Disaggregate load, DER adoption, and DER operation forecasts
  • Increase trust in load (and revenue) forecasts
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Distribution & Resource Planning
  • Connect the Host Capacity Analysis (HCA) tool with the DER data system-of-record
  • Automate technical screens of new DER interconnection applications 
  • Study impacts of future PV on the distribution system with simulated time-series PV production data
  • Evaluate territory-wide baseline and potential for building electrification, building shell efficiency, and rooftop PV

Trusted DER System Specifications from PowerClerk

  • Consistent
    Ensure reportable, consistent data with PowerClerk’s Curated Equipment Lists
  • Customizable
    Start from a standard program design and customize forms and workflow to collect data specific to your utility
  • Detailed
    Decide which data fields are required for interconnection application approval
  • Validated
    Increase data confidence in downstream tooling with field specific validation

Cut across utility silos with flexible options to connect DER data with utility tools and processes.

  • Distribution System Analysis Tools
    Integrate with tools such as CYME, Synergi, LoadSEER, or EPRI Drive
  • SFTP
    Data files transferred to a known location for secure and convenient access
  • Scheduled Delivery
    Data delivered daily, weekly, or monthly without IT involvement
    Tighten and customize integration by calling well-documented REST APIs

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