Transform online customer engagement with personalized decision-making software, configured specifically for your utility.

Electric Rate Plans:

4 Scenarios that Demand Personalized Customer Advice

The evolution of rate design provides a value creation opportunity – personalized advice can unlock this potential.

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Effortless for Your Customers

Personal Estimates

WattPlan recognizes that each customer is unique. Each analysis factors in user-specific information such as energy use and rooftop characteristics to provide tailored results.

Customers with smart meter data can receive even more detailed and personalized estimates.

Automatic Results

WattPlan makes it easy for customers to review their options. In just seconds, WattPlan performs complex calculations with just an address and average electric bill amount.

For a seamless customer experience that requires no input, detailed smart meter data can automatically be evaluated in WattPlan.

Actionable Information

WattPlan makes a complex analysis understandable for your customers by showing only the most meaningful results.

A side-by-side comparison of financing options enables your customers to make informed energy decisions based on objective advice.

By interactively adjusting inputs, your customers can see the energy and economic impacts.

Accurate Analyses

Powered by industry-trusted calculation engines, WattPlan performs precise calculations using current electric rates and incentives, and location-specific solar irradiance data, in addition to energy use and rooftop characteristics.

Marketing Your WattPlan Site

Best Practices Guide

Marketing your program is key to its success. Read our Best Practices Guide to learn from utilities that are using WattPlan to successfully engage customers about their DER options.


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  • Save Time and Money

    Guide customers with an online, self-service tool available from your website.

  • Boost Customer Satisfaction

    Educate, inform and communicate available options.

  • Support Evolving Initiatives

    Be active in the marketplace, get ahead of technology trends, and cross-promote other energy programs.

What our customers are saying

  • "

    We want to be our customers’ trusted energy advisor. Providing solutions directly from our website makes it easier for them to explore their options, understand the costs and make informed decisions.

    " ∼ Patrick McCoy, strategy planner
  • "

    Our customers are becoming increasingly interested in rooftop solar, and Avista wants to be ready to support their needs and prepare for the future. The WattPlan solar estimator is an affordable way for us to get ahead of the curve and start providing personalized solar information to our customers through an engaging self-service web tool.

    " ∼ Kelly Magalsky, solar initiatives manager
  • "

    The WattPlan Calculator has driven a lot of potential customers to our website, and the data [from WattPlan] provides additional guidance on how to target our marketing.

    " ∼ Kathy Knoop, principal environmental scientist – electric transportation, SRP