It’s energizing to showcase the innovative ways our utility customers like Georgia Power are accelerating the energy transition by expanding customer access to renewable options. Celebrating their efforts isn’t just a joy; it’s a chance to inspire other utilities and illuminate the path to action.

I recently had the chance to dive into the inspiring work of Georgia Power as part of a collaborative podcast with Energy Central. I worked behind the scenes with Delores Montez, Community Solar Program Manager at Georgia Power, and Shannon Roberts, WattPlan® Product Manager at Clean Power Research.

We explored many important and interesting topics while preparing for the podcast. One topic that stood out, however, was the challenges the utility faced with customer education and enablement related to its solar programs. Can you imagine the small solar energy program team at Georgia Power receiving an overwhelming 10,000 requests for solar information? Even after revamping their web pages, attempting to improve the customer experience and reduce customer phone inquiries, the skyrocketing number of phone calls continued. How could the utility automate solar program education and decrease call volumes?

Clean energy equity was another important topic that arose during our discussion. To help expand access to solar power, Georgia Power increased the number of customers who could participate in solar programs by adding Community Solar and Renewable Energy Credit (REC) programs to its existing rooftop solar offering. To succeed in educating customers on the new solar programs, the team needed a more efficient way to explain the program through automated engagement. How could the utility help promote its solar programs to residential customers who typically don’t have access to solar options?

Without spilling all the beans, the podcast speaks to how Georgia Power uses WattPlan to automate and streamline customer education about its available solar programs and expand access to solar power. Still, there’s so much more to this story and it’s wonderfully highlighted in the recent release of Energy Central’s “Power Perspectives Podcast.” Listen to the full story now:

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