JEA®, a community-owned utility in Jacksonville, Florida, faced a challenge that resonates with electric utilities and energy agencies big and small: a growing backlog of solar interconnection applications. Manually processing solar interconnection applications led to inefficiencies, frustrated customers, strained installer relationships and a daunting 9-week project backlog.

Recognizing the need for a transformative solution, JEA turned to PowerClerk, the utility industry’s go-to program management software for solar interconnection, EV program management and more. The decision turned out to be a game-changer for JEA as PowerClerk quickly addressed JEA’s challenges. These included the ability to ensure the completeness and accuracy of applications while streamlining communications with customers and installers.

In only three months, JEA developed and launched its online solar interconnection application process, setting the stage for further achievements. Once launched, it took just two weeks for JEA to clear its 9-week project backlog AND slash solar interconnection approval times by an impressive 70%, moving from weeks to just days. The positive impact on customer satisfaction and installer relationships marked a significant win for JEA’s energy programs team.

As with many utilities and energy agencies adopting PowerClerk, the success didn’t end with transforming JEA’s interconnection applications process. Energized by these accomplishments and empowered by newfound expertise with the platform, JEA entrusted PowerClerk to revolutionize more of its energy programs.

JEA expanded its use of PowerClerk to its commercial energy programs, launching its Commercial Electric Services. This forward-thinking initiative includes commercial fleet electrification and commercial new-service delivery, showcasing the scalability and flexibility of PowerClerk beyond solar interconnection. Dan Copeland, a key player in this transformative journey, succinctly captures the essence of JEA’s success:

 “JEA recognized the strength of the PowerClerk platform to address our needs today and into the future. Using PowerClerk, we reduced solar interconnection approval times from weeks to days. This success led to us launching two additional commercial programs using PowerClerk for new service requests and fleet electrification.”

– Dan Copeland, Program Manager, Customer Programs, Distributed Resources, JEA

JEA’s adoption of PowerClerk not only resolved immediate challenges but also paved the way for the expansion and enhancement of programs across JEA’s enterprise. JEA can also have confidence that PowerClerk will remain flexible and adaptable as the energy landscape evolves.



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