The electric utility market is about to undergo profound changes. The broad decarbonization of energy production and storage was already underway and gaining speed, even before recent legislation such as the IRA and NEVI boosted momentum across the U.S. Now, driven by government incentives and rebates, consumer adoption of electric technology such as electric vehicles, photovoltaics, battery storage and heat pumps is set to accelerate.

Utility companies face a growing challenge: how to plan and build infrastructure to distribute power effectively across a dynamically changing grid. One Clean Power Research utility customer has found a solution: using intelligent, long-term planning to futureproof grid investments. 

Eversource’s Advanced Forecasting and Modeling Team sought to model likely DER adoption scenarios across the Massachusetts grid. DER adoption can greatly impact the amount of power generation needed and utilized across the distribution grid. This in turn effects how infrastructure investments should be prioritized and executed. 

Eversource implemented PowerClerk® Analytics, in conjunction with Integral Analytics’ product LoadSeerto analyze consumer adoption of DERs, device specifications and solar generation forecasts. Using this analysis, they produced a range of likely grid load requirement scenarios. By anticipating the DERdriven evolution of the grid, Eversource can avoid revisiting work on grid substations on a 10+ year horizon. This allows Eversource to upgrade and build grid infrastructure with increased confidence. 

Eversource’s innovative work was announced as a finalist in SEPA’s Utility Transformation Awards: Utility Transformation Project of the Year. This award “recognizes ambitious utility projects that advance carbon-reduction progress by leveraging innovative technologies and replicable approaches.” Eversource’s selection as a finalist acknowledges the positive impact of long-term planning that leverages cutting-edge data and modeling in Eversource’s mission to decarbonize Massachusetts’ power. 

Congratulations to the Eversource Advanced Modeling and Forecasting Team! 

You can learn more about the project in our newest case study, which highlights Eversource’s work. 

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