residential solar

UVIG technical achievement award presented to Tom Hoff

Written by Jeff Ressler


Last week, the Utility Variable-Generation Integration Group (UVIG) recognized Tom Hoff, Clean Power Research founder and president of Research and Consulting, with an award for his ongoing contributions to solar forecasting. The ability to forecast the output of tens of thousands of … Continued

Connecting 150,000 solar customers to PG&E’s electric grid

Written by Heather Van Schoiack


This week, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) announced a major milestone: connection of 150,000 solar customers to their electric grid. This achievement is the result of PG&E’s long commitment to supporting their customers going solar, and comes with some pretty … Continued

Five things you need to know about PowerClerk Interconnect

Written by Scott Tewel


We’re very excited to be releasing the latest product in our PowerClerk® family of products—PowerClerk® Interconnect—this week. Developed and launched with the help of a Department of Energy Sunshot Incubator award, PowerClerk Interconnect is already helping NV Energy streamline its … Continued