Five things you need to know about PowerClerk Interconnect

Written by Scott Tewel


We’re very excited to be releasing the latest product in our PowerClerk® family of products—PowerClerk® Interconnect—this week. Developed and launched with the help of a Department of Energy Sunshot Incubator award, PowerClerk Interconnect is already helping NV Energy streamline its … Continued

Solar fleet modeling part 3: Balancing the variability of PV

Written by Ben Norris


In our previous two posts, we described how to incorporate PV diversity (diversity in both design configuration and geography) in fleet-level modeling, and how to generate high frequency fleet power data with 60-second temporal resolution. In this post, we will … Continued

Planning for solar part 2: High frequency data

Written by Morgan Putnam


Our previous post discussed how to produce solar PV production profiles for fleets of PV systems. In it we highlighted the importance of including both system diversity (tilt, orientation, shading, etc.), and geographical diversity (system locations and relative proximity) when … Continued