Electric Vehicle OEMs

Empower customers to make smart purchase decisions with a detailed, personalized economic analysis of an EV or an EV plus solar

A key decision factor in an electric vehicle purchase is life-cycle cost savings. Valuation models are complex, factoring in price, operating costs, salvage value, driving and charging behaviors, and selected rate structures. Whether comparing vehicles, choosing the optimal charger or rate structure, or analyzing a solar-sustained electric vehicle, Clean Power Research tools enable fast, objective and personalized analyses.

  • Generate leads with online electric vehicle value analysis

    Embed Clean Power Estimator® for electric vehicles into your website, and give dealers and EV buyers a simple, interactive tool to analyze the financial, energy and environmental impacts of purchasing an electric vehicle. Clean Power Estimator simplifies complex calculations, providing personalized, easy-to-understand information with just a few clicks.

    • Compare a plug-in electric vehicle, a plug-in hybrid and an internal combustion vehicle to understand the economics based on a user’s unique driving habits and electric bill.
    • Integrate solar into the analysis to understand how solar power offsets electric vehicle charging.

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Develop custom applications to optimize EV value

Develop software applications that rely on the PowerBill® API to optimize time-of-use (TOU) charging for the lowest-cost charging times. This API can also be used to calculate, understand and optimize electric tariffs and charger types for the greatest financial savings.