Companies digitalizing business processes rely on SolarAnywhere’s easy-to-use API and highly accurate, site-specific solar resource data and power simulations

Bellevue, Wash., Sep. 6, 2023

Clean Power Research®, L.L.C. ( today announced a series of SolarAnywhere® solar resource data and power simulation innovations that support the development and operation of advanced bifacial and solar-plus-storage plants, as well as PV systems in locations with complex terrain or extreme weather risks. Reducing PV modeling uncertainty helps companies decrease financial and operational risk for PV systems located around the world.

Companies seeking to modernize and embark on digital transformation efforts are taking advantage of the SolarAnywhere API to integrate highly accurate, site-specific data and power simulation outputs into their business processes. SolarAnywhere enables a wide number of use cases, including: project prospecting; large-scale power simulations; operational loss monitoring; forecasting; and more.

“We’re excited to continue advancing SolarAnywhere to meet the increasing need for more accurate, more reliable data and power simulations that easily integrate into our customer’s digital systems,” said Jeff Ressler, Clean Power Research CEO. “We’re committed to meeting the specialized needs of modern bifacial and solar-plus-storage PV plants, as well as supporting solar growth into regions with exposure to unique weather risks or difficult terrain. Across all scenarios, SolarAnywhere enables workflow digitalization, and it’s been gratifying to see our customers efficiently grow their businesses and increase profitability using the SolarAnywhere API.”