Program & Workflow Automation

Automate and take control of interconnection, distributed energy resource (DER), electric vehicle (EV), new service delivery, pole attachment and other programs.

An adaptable, scalable and efficient program automation system that enables 24/7 anywhere access, automated communications and that supports consumers and trade allies alike is a starting point for excellence in utility and energy agency programs. An appropriate tool empowers program administrators to make changes to workflows and forms on demand, integrates securely with legacy systems and handles sensitive data, e-payments and electronic signatures.

Customized program

When considering solutions for automating utility program management and process workflows, utilities should consider these factors:

Empower businesses and consumers to electrify their buildings
Adaptability to a changing environment

In a constantly shifting business and regulatory environment, adaptability is a key to success. Utility programs and workflows can only adapt to changing business and operational needs if the underlying solutions and technologies can facilitate that change. These solutions must allow program modifications with relatively short timelines and limit interruptions to current business. Utility program administrators should consider trusted and proven workflow management solutions that facilitate program automation and provide flexibility to changing business needs.

Empower businesses and consumers to electrify their buildings
Scalability for new DER technologies and growing demand

The adoption of new DER technologies such as residential and commercial solar and storage is accelerating. Without automated program management solutions, utilities risk longer interconnection times and more manual work for utility staff that can erode the satisfaction of customers, contractors and utility administrators. Flexible SaaS solution leverage technologies such as Amazon Web Services and reliably scale to meet utility program growth.

Empower businesses and consumers to electrify their buildings
Built-in efficiency that enhances cross-group collaboration

As energy programs grow and mature, there are increasing needs for seamless coordination across multiple groups within the organization. A robust program automation solution facilities open, cross-group collaboration and productivity through automated communications at every stage of the workflow.

Empower businesses and consumers to electrify their buildings
Easily integrate with legacy IT systems and applications, and enable administrators to modify workflows without IT support

Utilities have data in numerous cloud and on-premise systems. A utility’s workflows should easily leverage existing IT investments with straightforward integration, reducing the need for custom IT support and preventing conflicting data. A quality program automation solution should enable administrators to make no-code program changes and also allow for rigorous process testing prior to making changes to a live program. The solution should also undergo rigorous technical and security testing to ensure that mission critical program data and operations are secure.

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Scale, streamline and automate utility program management processes with PowerClerk®.

  • Workflow automation software that empowers utilities to control their program processes
  • Flexible, no-code configuration streamlines design and management of diverse utility programs and workflows that meet customer satisfaction and process optimization goals
  • Straightforward IT integration, a responsive, mobile-friendly user interface, and built-in reporting provide transparency and ease-of-use for customers and stakeholders
  • Comprehensive, single solution for new program development, measurement, reporting and change management