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PowerBill®: Energy Cost Simulations At Your Fingertips

Residential and commercial electric utility rate modeling and incentives API

Residential customers covered by a rate
Residential rates across ~ 1,100 electric utilities
(85% of U.S. residential utility customers)

PowerBill: Quickly synthesize detailed commercial or residential electric bills

Evaluate the financial impact of any technology that uses, saves or generates electricity

PowerBill embodies Clean Power Research’s industry leading analytics with a nationwide electric rates database, as well as typical or customer specified load profiles as necessary, to quickly calculate the cost impact of those changes.

With PowerBill, companies selling energy efficiency focused products and services can quickly provide accurate bill and cost impact information to their customers to help them make an informed purchase decision backed by an objective third party trusted by utilities. PowerBill also can be used to calculate the benefit of power purchase agreements and identify optimal rates given characteristic loads.

Accurate & Trusted

Accurate savings representation means one less thing for technical teams to worry about when talking to their customers after a solution is installed.

PowerBill backed utility products are simulated to within 1% accuracy.

  • Demand Charges
  • Time of Use
  • Rate Territories
  • Seasons & Time of Day
  • Base Rates
  • On-Peak/Off-Peak

Why Choose Power Bill?

PowerBill sits on top of a robust rates and incentives database and allows the customer to query the API with expected, or actual, consumption and receive near exact simulated costs (or savings) at a given utility rate.

Our commitment to accuracy means that trade allies can stand confidently in front of their customers with an accurate ROI estimate for their proposed projects and not worry about overstating or understating bill impacts. 

  • 6,400+ residential rates across 1,100+ utilities
  • The API accepts energy data in the following intervals: 15 & 30 minute, hourly, monthly and annual
  • 13.5m+ commercial customers covered
  • Return annual cost information by billing periods, seasons & TOU periods

New Rates & Incentives

New rates and incentives are brought on as new utilities join our database or based on mutually agreed terms with our industry partners.

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