EV Program Management

Comprehensive solutions for transportation electrification and electric vehicle (EV) customer engagement, program management and predictive analytics

As transportation electrification evolves, utilities must adapt to take advantage of new opportunities and navigate potential challenges. A holistic EV and EVSE program solution can drive customer engagement and enrollment with residential or fleet EV customers and collect and deliver meaningful insight on program performance.

Customized program

When considering a comprehensive EV program management solution, utilities should consider these factors:

Empower businesses and consumers to electrify their buildings
Be a trusted advisor

Utilities are well positioned to be trusted EV advisors to both their consumer and business customers. As unbiased third parties with unrivaled expertise in electric fueling, utilities have a unique opportunity to objectively educate their customers with personalized information, and even facilitate vehicle or EVSE purchases.

A comprehensive EV program solution will enable utilities to scale best-in-class customer engagement with limited customer service and IT resources. It will also help capture deep insights into customer attitudes and charging behaviors to inform future grid and program planning.

Empower businesses and consumers to electrify their buildings
Gather, analyze and utilize customer EV data in a meaningful way

As EV adoption increases, accurate customer data is critical for grid planning. With customer decisions impacting these processes more than ever, it’s important to promote customer charging behavior that has a known and managed impact on the grid. By analyzing current EV adoption and customer intention, utilities can gain insight that can be used to efficiently invest in grid infrastructure and reduce risk.

Empower businesses and consumers to electrify their buildings
Automate EV program administration

Demand for EV and EVSE programs will grow exponentially as residential, commercial and industrial customers purchase electric vehicles and require charging infrastructure tailored to their use case. Efficiently managing these EV and EVSE programs (e.g., purchase rebates, EVSE interconnection, ToU rate enrollment, etc.) is critical to meeting customers’ needs and managing grid impacts. By automating program workflows and collecting data in a centralized, codified manner, utilities can reduce program administration time and permitting delays, capture and share data across legacy systems, and guide system planning.

Empower businesses and consumers to electrify their buildings
Manage regulatory reporting

Authorities are increasingly requiring environmental reporting to monitor and incentivize decarbonization progress. Tracking key data across utility programs and initiatives is a burdensome challenge for organizations as they operate multiple EV and electrification programs. Forward-thinking utilities are centrally collecting, tracking and reporting this data for carbon credit generation (e.g., Low Carbon Fuel Standards), compliance reporting and system planning.

Drive EV program success with Clean Power Research’s cloud-based software products PowerClerk® and WattPlan®, the only integrated software solution for EV education, enrollment, administration and planning.
PowerClerk logo

Connect detailed DER system specifications and interconnection status data with teams across the utility to create value. With customizable program design, automation and integration capabilities, PowerClerk® streamlines engineering tasks such as host capacity analysis and interconnection application technical screens.

  • Connect consistent, customizable and detailed DER system specification data with engineering and planning teams
  • No-code configuration makes program modifications easy with minimal utility IT support
  • Integrate data easily into your existing processes via the API or Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
WattPlan Logo

WattPlan® delivers on-demand, self-service assessments for a wide range of renewable energy, EV and rates offerings. With WattPlan’s automated, digital platform, utilities can:

  • Facilitate self-serve education with personalized customer experiences
  • Guide customers and gain an understanding of intent and attitudes towards DERs, EV and rate adoption
  • Increase program engagement and participation
  • Maintain and improve customer satisfaction