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Clean Power Research is a trusted partner of leading utility and energy enterprises. We’re best known for building and operating adaptable, efficient and innovative cloud software products which help companies successfully navigate the energy transformation. For more than 20 years, our customers have depended on us to inform, streamline and quantify energy-related decisions and processes.

We are:

  • Passionate about clean energy
  • Informal and friendly
  • Collaborative, communicative and agile
  • Financially strong, self-funded & growing


At Clean Power Research you’ll make a difference by helping the world transition to clean energy. You’ll be part of an amazing team of software and energy veterans from companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Oracle, General Electric, and Consolidated Edison. And you’ll enjoy excellent benefits and great work-life balance.


Our Engineering Team develops Software-as-a-Service (Saas) solutions hosted in the cloud using sophisticated development tools and cutting-edge cloud infrastructure. As a software engineer, you’ll be learning and contributing to the development of highly scalable, reliable, performant and secure software products. Some of the fun challenges you’ll face here are: 

Innovative web applications & analytics engines

On the WattPlan® team, you’ll work on an innovative web application and platform that helps consumers understand the costs and benefits of installing solar or other distributed energy resources (DERs), such as electric vehicles. The application provides a highly personalized analysis for consumers using sophisticated analytical models. You’ll also work on a data analytics engine that implements a pipeline to extract, validate, and clean data from utilities and other sources and run predictive models. You’ll be providing insight to analysts and engineers on the front lines of the transition to a DER future.

Machine learning and sophisticated scientific algorithms

On the SolarAnywhere® team, you’ll work on an innovative software-plus-science product that performs industry-leading solar prediction for the utility and solar markets. We start with near real-time satellite imagery, and use sophisticated scientific algorithms to measure and forecast how much solar energy hits the ground. There are numerous markets for SolarAnywhere, including utility-scale forecasting and rooftop fleet operation. You’ll be helping us tackle lots of big challenges, including improving the accuracy of our models and wide-scale forecasts using approaches such as machine learning.

Energy resource workflow automation

PowerClerk® team, you’ll work on the leading software service for utility program automation. PowerClerk powers the rollout and adoption of distributed energy resources (e.g., solar, batteries/storage and electric vehicles) at some of the largest utilities in the U.S. by digitizing utility programs through intuitive, self-service interfaces that enable extensive process automation as well as utility back-end system integration. You’ll be writing code used by hundreds of thousands of utility employees, utility customers and energy industry professionals that helps these energy technologies get installed and have an impact.


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We strive for honesty and integrity in everything we do

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We approach problems and evaluate solutions with objectivity

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We demand excellence and are always striving for improvement

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We value team members’ ingenuity and commitment to innovation

Clean Power Research is committed to equal employment
opportunity, diversity, inclusion and nondiscrimination.


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