Austin has long had a reputation as a hip college town with an innovative music scene, but did you now it’s a pioneer in the design of electric tariffs for distributed generation (DG)? Yes, it’s true. Austin Energy has composed a new tune…and it sounds like an electric tariff that thoroughly values the benefits of distributed PV.

Austin Energy’s approach is an alternative to Net Energy Metering (NEM), which has traditionally been viewed as a critical element for the economic viability of DG technologies like PV, especially on residential rooftops. Today at Greentech Media, Herman Trabish outlines some of the critical issues and discusses Austin Energy’s Value of Solar™ Tariff (VOST).

Clean Power Research is excited to have been involved in the groundbreaking work behind the new tariff. CPR researchers, consultants and engineers worked closely with the Austin Energy team on the effort.  Software that CPR developed makes the type of value analysis used at Austin Energy more efficient, cost effective and repeatable than it has been in the past.  You can read the background on how the Austin tariff was designed in this paper.

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Solar Power Internation 2012, Orlando, FL. USA