Connecting 150,000 solar customers to PG&E’s electric grid

Written by Heather Van Schoiack


This week, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) announced a major milestone: connection of 150,000 solar customers to their electric grid. This achievement is the result of PG&E’s long commitment to supporting their customers going solar, and comes with some pretty … Continued

Solar + storage in Hawaii: Making cents of time-of-use economics

Written by Ben Norris


As Hawaii works through a host of complex interconnection issues, the solar industry is taking a fresh, new look at energy storage. Grid-connected storage has been around for years, promising a wide array of uses—from energy arbitrage and frequency regulation, … Continued

When it comes to solar resources, 2014 was anything but average

Written by Adam Kankiewicz

2014 average variance solar resource map

Solar resources naturally vary from year to year, and 2014 was no exception. While the 2014 average monthly solar resource map shows expected patterns, with the greatest energy output in the southwest, the real story is revealed by the PV power … Continued

Solar forecasting goes “EPIC”

Written by Skip Dise


Itron and Clean Power Research are embarking on the next phase of research that will lead to high-fidelity distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) forecasts, and integration of those forecasts into net load forecasts for the California Independent System Operator (ISO). Increasing … Continued