Three reasons it’s time for utilities to think seriously about distributed solar interconnection

When home and business owners decide to go solar, they embark on an adventure that will require navigation of a multi-step process that includes soliciting and evaluating proposals, determining financing, and applying for permits, incentives and interconnection. Utility interconnection is critical to the success of a solar project, is nearly always required, and is often … Continued

CSI RD&D project results: Forecasting behind-the-meter PV for the California ISO

In a recent NREL report, interviews of 13 operating entities in the Western Interconnection found that “Variable generation (VG) forecasting is widely considered to be a key means of integrating wind and solar power efficiently and reliably as these resources become increasingly common.” This includes forecasting not only utility-scale wind and solar plants, but also … Continued

Reducing PV project risk (and costs) with better PV modeling

Investment in PV presents unique risks, as the amount of energy a PV system produces is as variable as the weather. Unfortunately, quantifying PV risk can be just as daunting as predicting the weather. Today, researchers have access to more research methods and more data than ever before. Now the search is on to identify … Continued

Department of Energy’s aggressive fight against solar soft costs

Clean Power Research recently attended a U.S. Department of Energy workshop focused on solar soft cost reduction. We came away impressed by the DOE SunShot team’s clear focus on the right problem. While the cost of modules was once the dominant component of photovoltaic (PV) system costs, that trend has reversed as component prices have … Continued