Energy Valuation

Software solutions that simplify utility bill impact analysis to support intelligent energy decisions

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Drive sales with objective, personalized and comprehensive analysis of complicated home and business energy scenarios

The key to widespread renewable energy and energy efficiency adoption is feasible economics. Rely on the industry’s most trusted financial, energy and environmental information to help you and your customers make intelligent decisions. Embed interactive solutions into your website or integrate comprehensive API services into your custom software solutions.

  • Solar sales

    Leverage the industry’s most accurate and trusted utility rate, solar incentive and irradiance datasets to streamline your sales processes. Access reliable production simulations, bill savings and incentive calculations, and supporting financial, energy and environmental analytics through our web-based services and APIs.

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  • Energy valuation analytics

    Streamline the analysis of complicated home and business energy scenarios by integrating versatile value calculations into custom software solutions with PowerBill APIs.

    • Model the value of various energy producing and consuming technologies quickly and accurately, including PV, solar thermal, electric vehicles, energy efficiency and home appliances.
    • Identify the most cost-effective tariff, personalized for a specific home or business owner.
    • Keep customers informed on how much they are saving on their utility bills.
    • Obtain smart energy signaling to drive cost-effective use of home appliances.

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  • Value of Solar™ analytics

    Use DGValuator™ to perform objective and repeatable Value of Solar and other distributed generation value studies, based on proven methodologies, and backed by the expertise of our Consulting Group.

    • Calculate a Value of Solar tariff as an alternative to net energy metering.
    • Make informed policy decisions with objective analyses.
    • Understand breakeven values to the utility.
    • Analyze future solar penetration scenarios.

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