Software services that simplify the analysis of utility bill impacts from solar and other energy technologies

PowerBill® delivers objective, personalized and comprehensive economic analyses of complicated home and business energy investment decisions. Serving industry-leading distributed generation companies, energy agencies and utilities for more than 15 years, PowerBill software services are the trusted source of reliable, accurate results.

  • PowerBill APIs

    PowerBill APIs provide programmatic access to versatile energy calculations that streamline the analysis of complicated home and business energy scenarios.

    • Streamline solar sales by letting PowerBill integrate critical data and perform the heavy analytical lifting.
    • Model various energy producing and consuming technologies quickly and accurately, including solar PV, solar thermal, electric vehicles and energy efficiency.
    • Identify the most cost-effective tariff, personalized for a specific home or business owner.
    • Keep PV customers informed on how much they are saving on their utility bills.
    • Obtain smart energy signaling to drive cost-effective use of home appliances.

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  • WattPlan™

    Help utility customers make smart solar energy decisions with an online, self-service solar decision-making application that is backed by industry-trusted datasets and analytics from Clean Power Research.

    • Provide customers with an easy-to-understand, personalized, long-term analysis based on their unique circumstances.
    • Integrate the application with utility “My Account” billing portals to make it easy for customers to learn about solar while they’re thinking about their bill.
    • Fully automate the analysis with personalized customer data through a secure data interface.

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  • Clean Power Estimator®

    Built on the PowerBill APIs, this interactive, website-embeddable solar calculator allows website visitors to instantly obtain a detailed, personalized estimate of the financial implications of investing in solar based on simple inputs such as their ZIP code and current electric bill amount.

    • Increase sales for solar providers by generating more pre-qualified leads.
    • Drive solar program participation for utilities and energy agencies.

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