Understand solar energy potential with the industry’s most trusted irradiance data and analytics

  • Prospecting and Resource Assessment

    Optimize site selection and reduce project risk — Use SolarAnywhere® Data to assess long-term resource availability and variability. SolarAnywhere Data offers 15-plus years of consistent, validated, time-series irradiance measurements with resolutions as high as 1 km x 1 km.
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  • Solar O&M

    PV system benchmarking — Use SolarAnywhere® SystemCheck® to protect distributed PV investments by cost effectively comparing actual production to real-time production estimates of each system within a portfolio. Integrate SystemCheck into custom monitoring or performance management software using a standards-based API.
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    PV system forecasting — Meet utility planning or battery dispatch requirements with automated delivery of site-specific irradiance and PV production forecasts provided by SolarAnywhere Data. With multiple available delivery mechanisms, you can effectively integrate forecasts into your operations.
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  • Utility Grid Planning and Load Forecasting

    Reliably integrate distributed- and utility-scale solar into grid planning and operations —  Use SolarAnywhere® FleetView® to model and forecast production of distributed PV fleets to cost-effectively support utility and ISO planning and load-balancing requirements.
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