Programmatic access to electric rates, incentives and energy simulations for calculating the impacts of solar, electric vehicles and energy efficiency measures.




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  • Save Money

    We focus on the intricacies, ensuring up-to-date datasets and accurate calculations, allowing you to focus resources on your core business.

  • Sell More

    Quickly expand your business with our comprehensive U.S. coverage and ability to optimize for the rates, technologies and behaviors that will save your customer’s the most money.

  • Reduce Risk

    Develop your application on enterprise-grade, cloud-based software services with quick response times and high availability, uptime and reliability.


Bill Calculations

Access a highly-detailed and continuously updated database of U.S. electric rates.

  • Extensive rate coverage – includes investor-owner utilities (IOUs), municipalities and cooperatives covering >90% of residential and >70% of commercial electric customers.
  • Comprehensive rate access - net-metered rates, solar-specific rates, electric vehicle rates and more.
  • Detailed bill breakdowns – includes time-of-use (TOU), tiered, demand, seasonal and fixed charges.
  • Rate mapping – use the most-likely default utility and rate, or select from a list mapped to ZIP codes.
  • Rate optimization – choose the most cost-effective tariff, personalized for a specific home or business owner.
  • Behavioral optimization – identify the most cost effective times to consume electricity, such as charging an electric vehicle.
  • Load profiles – utilize stored typical load profiles when you have limited customer bill information. Alternatively, provide customer-specific interval data files when available.

Incentive Calculations

Access a highly-detailed and continuously updated database of U.S. solar incentives at the federal, state and local levels.

  • Detailed incentives – includes quantifiable Estimated Performance Based Buydowns (EPBBs), Performance Based Incentives (PBIs), tax credits and more.
  • Tax effects – automatically receive financial tax effect impacts, where applicable.
  • Incentive mapping – automatically calculate applicable incentives based on specific locational information and other requirements.

Energy Simulations

Model various energy technologies, including solar PV and energy efficiency measures.

  • Hourly PV production simulations – supply system characteristic information, such as size, tilt, azimuth and shading.
  • Advanced data optionsSolarAnywhere® simulation engines and irradiance datasets.
  • Multi-technology – combine energy efficiency with PV to understand the net economic, energy and environmental impacts.

Supporting Analytics

Generate all of the supporting energy, economic and environmental analytics you need for your existing platforms.

  • Multiple financing methods – obtain financial analytics based on cash, loan, lease or PPA scenarios.
  • Cash flow details – receive detailed net annual and cumulative cash flow results, including bill savings, incentives, financing payments and net tax effects.
  • Environmental impacts – calculate offsets based on localized Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates.
  • CRM integration – integrate with customer relationship and business management software, such as and NetSuite.
  • Financial product integration – integrate with external leasing models.