PowerBill API

Precisely analyze the value of energy with programmatic access to industry-leading data and energy analytics

PowerBill® APIs deliver objective, personalized and comprehensive analyses of complicated home and business energy scenarios. Serving industry-leading distributed generation companies, energy agencies and utilities for more than 15 years, PowerBill APIs are the trusted source of reliable, accurate results.

Clean Power Estimator® API

Turnkey analysis for residential and commercial solar quoting and lead generation applications.

  • Simulate PV production, including options to use SolarAnywhere® or NREL simulation engines and irradiance datasets. Clean Power Research is the only provider of programmatic access to the NSRDB TMY 10 km dataset.
  • Calculate electric bills before and after solar, including detailed bill breakdowns of time-of-use (TOU), tiered, demand, seasonal and fixed charges, leveraging the industry’s most accurate and trusted utility rate database.
  • Use the most-likely default utility and tariff, or select from a list mapped to ZIP codes.
  • Utilize typical load profiles based on statistical utility data by customer class, or provide customer-specific load profiles.
  • Calculate applicable federal, state and local tax credits and rebates, including tax effects.
  • Obtain financial analytics based on various financing methods: cash, loan, lease, PPA, etc.
  • Integrate with customer relationship and business management software, such as Salesforce.com and NetSuite.
  • Integrate with external leasing models, such as Warren & Selbert’s ABC software.
  • Calculate environmental offset based on localized EPA estimates.

PowerBill API

The PowerBill API includes all of the proven functionality of the Clean Power Estimator API, while incorporating increased programming modularity and new features for a wide range of energy technologies and scenarios.

The RESTful PowerBill API makes it easy for energy providers to sell combined technologies that save their customers money. The modular structure of the API provides the flexibility to identify and optimize for a variety of energy solutions, such as the lease of solar PV combined with an electric vehicle loan, or solar PV combined with an electric vehicle and a programmable thermostat.

The PowerBill API also introduces built-in routines designed specifically for Home Energy Management Systems. The routines translate energy consumption into dollars, and inform intelligent real-time and future operation of home appliances.

Access all of the functionality available in the Clean Power Estimator API, plus:

    • Quickly and easily identify the most cost-effective tariff, personalized for a specific home or business owner.
    • Communicate utility bill savings to your existing PV customers on an on-going basis by comparing what they’re paying today to what their electric bill would have been without solar.
    • Obtain smart energy signaling to drive the intelligent and cost-effective use of home appliances.
    • Model various energy producing and consuming technologies, including solar PV, solar thermal, electric vehicles and energy efficiency. Combine two or more of these technologies to understand the net economic, energy and environmental impacts.

Plans and pricing

PowerBill APIs are hosted web services and are licensed on a subscription basis. The appropriate subscription level is based on the number of estimations performed per month. Contact Us for pricing.
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