Software Developers

Power custom software applications with industry-trusted energy valuation, solar prediction and program optimization APIs

Access versatile energy calculators, solar irradiance and electric rate databases, and business process management APIs to create custom web-based, desktop or mobile software applications. Integrate services with quoting, monitoring, customer relationship management and accounting systems such as SAP, Oracle, and NetSuite.

  • PowerBill® API

    Streamline the analysis of complicated home and business energy scenarios for lead generation, project evaluation, and quoting for solar and other technologies by programmatically accessing the industry’s leading energy analysis tools and datasets.

    • Model various energy producing and consuming technologies, including solar PV, solar thermal, electric vehicles and energy efficiency. Combine two or more of these technologies to understand the net economic, energy and environmental impacts.
    • Calculate detailed before-and-after bills based on historic customer bills, total energy consumption, or 15-minute interval smart meter load data.
    • Identify the most cost-effective tariff, personalized for a specific home or business owner quickly and easily.
    • Obtain smart energy signaling to drive the intelligent and cost-effective use of home appliances.
    • Simulate PV production, including options to use SolarAnywhere® or NREL simulation engines and irradiance datasets. Clean Power Research is the only provider of programmatic access to the NSRDB TMY 10 km dataset.
    • Calculate applicable federal, state, and local tax credits and rebates, including tax effects.

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  • SolarAnywhere® API

    Create robust applications that programmatically access trusted time-series solar irradiance data, and PV power output and variability simulation tools.

    • Incorporate datasets into custom applications, including: SolarAnywhere time series irradiance data; SolarAnywhere Typical GHI and DNI Year (TGY, TDY) data; and NSRDB 10 km TGY, TDY and TMY data. Data available in all time domains (historical, real time and forecast); resolutions (Standard, Enhanced and High); and available geographies.
    • Apply SolarAnywhere or NREL PVWatts simulation engines for single system analysis.
    • Study variability across multiple system fleet configurations using SolarAnywhere with short-term ramp predictions.

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  • PowerClerk® API

    Optimize business processes with programmatic access to the industry’s leading incentive and interconnection business process management software.

    • Automate incentive and interconnection application input, linking with custom or third-party tools and services for quoting, proposals and estimates.
    • Integrate application status checking to keep end customers informed and up-to-date.

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