Solar Prediction Research

Learn about the application of time-series solar irradiance data for project siting, planning and operations.

Forecasting High-Penetration Distributed PV

The intermittent nature of PV requires utilities and independent system operators to adapt their planning, scheduling and operating strategies to maintain grid reliability and get the most value out of installed PV resources. These papers describe projects that use advanced methodologies to forecast high-penetration PV fleet output, and integrate forecasts into grid system operations.

PV Power Output Variability Methodologies

These papers present methodologies for cost-effectively predicting the power output variability of high-penetration PV fleets.

Accuracy of Satellite-Derived Irradiance Data, Irradiance Forecasts and PV Performance Models

This research provides government researchers, utilities, independent system operators and developers information on PV power output models and methods of calculating and quantifying the accuracy of satellite-derived solar irradiance data for specific applications.

Determining the Value of PV Using Solar Prediction and Modeling

Solar developers and utility planners are often faced with the task of determining the economic value of one or more PV systems. These research offers insights into the value assessment process.