Energy Valuation Research

Understand the methods used to quantify the energy, economic and environmental impacts of distributed PV to a variety of stakeholders.

Value of Solar® Studies

Value of Solar studies provide utilities, government agencies and other industry stakeholders objective data for policy development, rate design and resource planning.

Using Storage and Renewable Energy Resources for Demand Side Management

Reducing demand for electricity during times of peak usage can help utilities defer system capacity upgrades. This research examines how the use of PV systems and storage can be employed to reduce customer demand during times of peak load.

Societal Benefits of Distributed PV

This research quantifies the economic, energy security and environmental benefits renewable energy technologies offer to society as a whole.

Impact of Electric Rates on PV Value

For PV system owners, electric rate availability and selection can have a significant impact on the value of their system. This research provides solar installers information about how rate selection affects their customers.

Cost Savings and Market Opportunities with Distributed PV

This research examines how installing PV at or near the point of use can eliminate the need for utilities to invest in distribution infrastructure upgrades or new distribution facilities as customer loads increase, as well as the viability of micro-grids and their potential to create market opportunities for residential developers.

Investing in Renewable Energy Technology

This research provides an analysis of risk management and credit rating trends for solar developers and utilities investing in large solar projects.