Clean Power Research evaluates the energy, economic and environmental impacts of clean energy technologies using state-of-the-art analytical methods.

The Research Group at Clean Power Research develops innovative approaches to quantifying the impacts of implementing solar and other renewable energy technologies. The methodologies developed by the Research Group are used by consumers, utilities, ISOs, state energy agencies and others in the energy industry to make informed decisions about all facets of renewable energy, whether evaluating the economic and environmental benefits of installing a system, designing an incentive program, or effectively operating distributed energy systems within an electric power grid.

As a pioneer in the science of renewable energy economics, Clean Power Research has published numerous papers in the areas of energy valuation, solar prediction and program optimization.

  • Solar Prediction

    Developers, utilities and independent system operators depend on accurate time-series solar irradiance data for project siting, planning and operations. Groundbreaking solar prediction research quantifies the accuracy of PV output modeling, solar irradiance data and irradiance forecasting, as well as describing methods for modeling high-speed PV output variability.
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  • Energy Valuation

    Clean Power Research pioneered many of the methods currently used to quantify the value of distributed PV generation from the perspective of utilities and PV system owners. The company’s energy valuation research examines a range of topics such as the value of solar power generation in the U.S., capturing capacity-related benefits of variable energy resources, and the use of distributed generation to reduce transmission and distribution costs.
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  • Program Optimization

    As incentive programs for renewable energy systems have proliferated, utilities and energy agencies have relied on Clean Power Research to quantify the value PV and design incentive programs that meet energy, economic and environmental goals. Research on program optimization provides guidelines on PV incentive design and the role of incentives in transforming markets.
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  • Research Timeline

    A chronological listing of all Clean Power Research published research.
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