Solar Providers

Integrate API services to power intelligent lead generation, quoting, administration and operations

Solar Providers

Lead Generation & Quoting PowerBill APIs Incentive & Interconnection Processing PowerClerk API Performance Benchmarking for Fleet O&M SolarAnywhere SystemCheck API Clean Power Research APIs

State-of-the-art APIs allow solar manufacturers, distributors, installers and dealers, as well as solar financiers, lease providers and other third-party owners to increase sales and reduce administrative and operational costs by integrating data sources and analytics into custom sales and operational software tools.

  • PowerBill® APIs

    Power sales processes with custom solar quoting applications and lead generation directly from your website.

    • Access industry-leading utility rates, solar incentives, irradiance datasets and analytics to support your quoting applications.
    • Provide customers with an online, interactive tool for evaluating the benefits of solar while generating qualified leads.

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  • PowerClerk® API

    Streamline incentive and interconnection applications by submitting applications electronically to PowerClerk programs and tracking them directly from your internal systems.

    • Save time and money by automating incentive and interconnection application input.
    • Optimize business processes by integrating application status checking.

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  • SolarAnywhere® SystemCheck™ API

    Use SystemCheck to compare expected to actual energy production. Integrate into customer-facing monitoring platforms, or use for back-end diagnostics such as identifying shading or soiling problems.

    • Ensure performance guarantees are met, and maximize production under PPAs.
    • Identify, diagnose and quickly eliminate issues that reduce system production.
    • Reduce truck rolls to customer locations.

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