Solar Developers and Independent Engineers

Accurately assess the available solar resource with the industry’s most trusted irradiance data

  • Prospecting and resource assessment

    Use SolarAnywhere® Data to optimize site selection and reduce project risk associated with solar resource uncertainty. SolarAnywhere Data offer 15-plus years of consistent, validated, time-series irradiance measurements to provide the historical basis for calculating and assessing long-term resource availability and variability.

    Available in resolutions as high as 1 km x 1 km, and built on the most advanced satellite image processing methods developed by Dr. Richard Perez, SolarAnywhere Data are the most trusted time-series irradiance data source available.
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  • Scale to distributed project portfolio review

    Speed up portfolio reviews through fast, repeatable access to site-specific SolarAnywhere Data for small and large fleets of distributed PV via the SolarAnywhere® API.
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